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Brownie Bake-Off

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Brownie Bake-Off!

Brownies are a particularly spectacular treat because they’re great on their own—just chocolaty, handheld sweet squares—but they’re also amazing when totally pimped out: brownie sundaes, rocky-road brownies, chocolate-and-peanut-butter brownies, bacon brownies, mint-chocolate brownies. For this reason, and because there have been requests for a baking competition, the theme of our next cook-off is brownies. You […]

Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off Recap

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Mac & Cheese Cook-Off

How many different kinds of macaroni and cheese can you eat in one day? The answer is around seven. At the 2011 Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off, seven contestants faced off, and guests sampled cheesy bites of every single entry before the winners were determined. The thing with mac and cheese is, it’s never bad, so […]

Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off

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macaroni and cheese

Carbs and cheese: a winning combination that’s guaranteed to cure a case of the winter blues. Or a hangover. A broken heart, boredom, a head cold. The promise of carbs and cheese has been known to prevent crimes, recover lost dogs, and revive dear ones from long-term comas. With these miracles in mind, the theme […]

Pizza Cook-Off Recap

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How do you follow a pizza crawl? For many, a salad and a triathlon might be appropriate, but for some Emeril and Martha Stewart Living editors, you follow a pizza crawl with a pizza cook-off. Previous cooking contests include a Chili Cook-Off and a Taco Cook-Off. The events are similar to potlucks, except a theme is […]

Taco Cook-Off Recap!

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hard taco shells

As mentioned earlier, a group from Emeril’s and Martha Stewart Living has been hosting monthly cooking competitions. The first was a chili cook-off, the second was called, ” Your Signature Dish,” and the most recent was a taco cook-off. The events are a raging success, and at each cook-off, there are more competitors with increasingly […]

Homemade Tortillas

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Homemade Tortillas

A team of culinary enthusiasts (ok, fine, we just like to eat) from MSL and Emeril’s have been hosting monthly cook-off competitions — the theme of the first was chili, and for the second, everyone was asked to bring their signature dish. The competition has been heating up at these events, so when a Taco Cook-Off was […]