Introducing Good Food to Good People

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Brownie Bake-Off

Brownie Bake-Off!

Brownies are a particularly spectacular treat because they’re great on their own—just chocolaty, handheld sweet squares—but they’re also amazing when totally pimped out: brownie sundaes, rocky-road brownies, chocolate-and-peanut-butter brownies, bacon brownies, mint-chocolate brownies. For this reason, and because there have been requests for a baking competition, the theme of our next cook-off is brownies. You […]

Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off

macaroni and cheese

Carbs and cheese: a winning combination that’s guaranteed to cure a case of the winter blues. Or a hangover. A broken heart, boredom, a head cold. The promise of carbs and cheese has been known to prevent crimes, recover lost dogs, and revive dear ones from long-term comas. With these miracles in mind, the theme […]

Thanksgiving Side Dish Cook-Off

Thanksgiving Side Dish Cook-Off

Turkey’s nice and all, but everyone knows that real star of Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes. Oh, and the stuffing. And the green beans. Sweet potatoes, cranberry, creamed onions, broccoli casserole…these all trump the bird. So let’s make like Pilgrims and Indians and have a good old-fashioned feast, minus the turkey. We’ll vote at the […]

NYC Pizza Crawl


On Saturday, several Martha Stewart/Emeril Lagasse colleagues and I embarked on a New York Pizza Crawl. One day and 6 pizzerias — all in the search for the best slices in NYC! Tweet

Taco Cook-Off Recap!

hard taco shells

As mentioned earlier, a group from Emeril’s and Martha Stewart Living has been hosting monthly cooking competitions. The first was a chili cook-off, the second was called, ” Your Signature Dish,” and the most recent was a taco cook-off. The events are a raging success, and at each cook-off, there are more competitors with increasingly […]

I judged a Chili Cook-Off!

Chili Cook Off 002-1

Recently, I was a judge at a Chili Cook-off with my fellow Martha Stewart Colleagues! The competition was fierce especially since one contestant was a former cook and another guy has worked under Emeril Lagasse for several years! Throughout the week I heard the contestants talking about the judging and bragging ’bout their stellar recipes. […]