Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off

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Carbs and cheese: a winning combination that’s guaranteed to cure a case of the winter blues. Or a hangover. A broken heart, boredom, a head cold. The promise of carbs and cheese has been known to prevent crimes, recover lost dogs, and revive dear ones from long-term comas.

With these miracles in mind, the theme of our next competition will be mac and cheese. You’ll bring your best cheesy concoction, we’ll eat, we’ll vote, and the winner will be crowned the king or queen of cheesy comfort foods.

The Rules

  • Your dish must contain MACARONI and CHEESE. It can be made of only that, or it can have as many add-ins as you like, but the base must be some sort of macaroni and some kind of cheese.
  • Please have your dish mostly assembled in advance. We recommend partially cooking your mac and cheese; contestants will take turns serving, so you’ll need to heat your dish before your assigned serving time. (You’ll have access to the kitchen for heating, garnishing, and any plating that’s necessary.)
  • Your dish should be large enough for about 20 people to sample. (Sample. We won’t all be having meal-size portions of your cheesy mac.)
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