Brownie Bake-Off

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Brownies are a particularly spectacular treat because they’re great on their own—just chocolaty, handheld sweet squares—but they’re also amazing when totally pimped out: brownie sundaes, rocky-road brownies, chocolate-and-peanut-butter brownies, bacon brownies, mint-chocolate brownies. For this reason, and because there have been requests for a baking competition, the theme of our next cook-off is brownies.

You know the drill: You bring your best batch and we’ll all eat a whole bunch and crown the winner the best brownie baker in the universe.

Note: We’ll be eating everyone’s brownies but not a whole meal representing all of the food groups, so it’s probably a good idea to have a normal lunch beforehand. Like, a salad or something.

The Rules

  • Bring brownies. Competitors must bring some kind of brownie (duh).
  • Bring baked brownies. Please bake your brownies in advance. You’ll have access to the kitchen for heating, garnishing, and any plating that’s necessary, but you will not be permitted to bake your brownies at the event.
  • Bring enough brownies. You should bring enough brownies for about 30 people to sample. (Sample. We can eat only so many brownies.)

We’re limiting the number of competitors to 7, so if you’re interested in competing, sign up immediately via this contact form.

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