Introducing Good Food to Good People

  • Oh Yeah, BABE!
  • Saints shoes!
  • Yummy pizza!
  • Looks SO good!
  • Happy Cook-Off Board!
  • Announcing the winner!
  • We have Wine too!
  • Make-a da sauce-a!


How it all started…

It started, like many great endeavors, with an argument at a bar. “I make the best chili, ” someone said. “No, I make the best chili,” another pal contributed. “What’s chili?” said another of our friends.

And thus launched our first cooking competition: The Great Chili Cook-off of 2009. Which lead, naturally, to many more cook-offs, and we don’t plan on stopping until we run out of kick-ass food ideas, and kick-ass friends to compete with.

What we are not:

  • Trained chefs (well, not all of us)
  • Professional food critics
  • Professional party planners
  • Nutritionists
  • Celebrity chefs

We’re friends who care about food, parties, and competition and are endlessly thinking of ways to blend the things we love.

The Cook-Off Board Members

From left to right: Terrance Pitre, Michelle Buffardi, Tony Gregory, and Todd Hodgson

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