Introducing Good Food to Good People

  • YUM!!
  • Everybody's having fun!
  • Smile!
  • Chop it up
  • Great wine!
  • Whoa now!
  • Announcing the winner!
  • Make-a da sauce-a!

The Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cook-Off Board?

The Cook-Off Board is a group of people who put on food themed events. is a place where friends/fans/chefs can interact with each other and get the most updated news on what’s happening in the world of the Cook-Off Board. We’re not actually a official “board” per sé, but we just liked the name we decided to call ourselves that.

Who is The Cook-Off Board?

We’re a group of people who love food, friendly competition and social gatherings.

Why are the cook-offs invitation only?

The events aren’t open to the public just yet. The Cook-Off Board would like to maintain the level of friendliness and quality, so the way we grow is through friends inviting friends. Each cook-off, we meet new and interesting people through people we invite. Those new and interesting people then get in invite to the next event and are free to bring other new and interesting people… and so on, and so on… This method allows us to grow, but still maintain a comfortable control and trust with all attendees.

How can I attend a cook-off?

The best way to get invited is to be friend of a friend who attends. If that’s not possible, then shoot us a email via the contact form so we can e-meet you! We realize that this seems kind of snobby, but it’s important to us that we know you because these events are often held in people’s homes. We just don’t want you to steal anything.

How can I compete in a cook-off?

Don’t be shy! If you have an invite, shoot us a email via the contact form to let us know. We’re always open to new cook-off ideas.

What is the judging process?

There are 2 ways of judging processes:

  1. The Crowd Favorite. The entire crowd votes on what they think is the best dish and the votes are tallied.
  2. The Board Favorite. The Cook-Off Board will commiserate and discuss what they think is the best dish.

How much does it cost to attend?

The majority of our cook-offs are free. There may be an event that comes along where you’re asked to chip in a few dollars for the food, but for the most part, they’re all free. Of course, we do encourage you to bring beverages and side dishes to share.

Where can I purchase Cook-Off Borad merchandise?

Funny you should ask. While we don’t have any merchandise available as of yet, we will soon.  We’ll be sure to post it here in the near future!

Who took all of those great photos?

Why that’s our good friend and professional photographer, Steven Freeman. He’s a frequenter of the cook-offs and has great taste in beer!

Wow! This site is pretty awesome! Who made it?

The designer/developer of this beautiful site is none other than Terrance Pitre, Cook-Off Board co-founder and lover of food.

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